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Features of OPU:
  • OPU can be repeated every 2 weeks whereas flushing is usually performed at 60 day intervals.
  • Donors may be pregnant (therefore, this does not interrupt annual breeding cycle) during aspiration and can be used until ovaries can no longer be reached (on average- this is at about 4 - 6 months pregnant).
  • Donors can be as young as 6 - 7 months of age or as old as 14 years old.  
  • Less semen is required compared to conventional flushing.
  • Commercially available sexed-semen can be used to produce greater than 90% heifers (Sexed-semen does not work reliably in conventional flushing).  
  • Clients have the ability to use certain bulls that are available through Taurus or Semex to have semen sexed even if it is not commercially available.
  • No reverse sorted semen is required (therefore decreasing cost).
  • Embryos can have genomic testing performed on them at day 7.  These embryos can then be frozen.
  • Embryos are frozen for direct transfer.  There is no need to "take them through the dish."  Therefore, the local veterinarian can transfer the embryos more efficiently or the embryos can be sold.
  • On average, greater then a 50% embryo development is expected  (with a ~50% pregnancy rate on fresh embryos and a ~60% pregnancy rate on frozen embryos is expected).