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Staff and Owners

We take pride in our Veterinarians at the EMVC. Their impressive education backgrounds, valuable experiences, and compassion will serve your pet's needs in every way.  We have a wealth of Veterinary Experience at your service!

Our staff is focused on providing outstanding veterinary care while exceeding your expectations of service.

  • Owners

    • Donn W. Laudermilch VMD

      Dr. Donn W. Laudermilch accepted a position at Rome Veterinary Center immediately following graduation. Dr. Donn attended Franklin & Marshall College from 1972-1975 and graduated from University of Pennsylvania with his VMD in 1979.


    • Benjamin S. Laudermilch DVM

      Dr. Benjamin S. Laudermilch is licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Pennsylvania and New York. Dr. Ben attended Indiana Wesleyan University from 2000-2003 and graduated from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine with his DVM in 2007.


    • Stephen D. Laudermilch DVM

      Dr. Laudermilch is a 2011 graduate of Cornell University. He completed a bachelor's degree in Biology at Indiana Wesleyan University. His interests include dairy cattle production medicine and surgery, equine medicine and reproduction, small animal medicine and nutrition, and many other aspects of veterinary medicine - too numerous to count. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Elisabeth, and together they have two little girls and two little boys. As a family, they enjoy spending time with their three golden retrievers, playing family games, going on walks, and spending time around nature. 


  • Associate Veterinarians

    • Lauren Healy DVM

      Dr. Lauren Healy joined our Endless Mountains Veterinary family in July of 2017.  She is a 2016 Cornell University graduate with interests in equine lameness, internal medicine, and soft tissue surgery.  While at Cornell, she took special courses in equine sports medicine and both farm animal and equine surgery.  After graduating, Dr. Lauren spent a year working for a mixed large animal practice in New York.  When not practicing veterinary medicine, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Mark, their two dogs "Leo" and "Ghost", two cats "Minerva" and "Miles", and riding their horses "Ike" and "Kaida."  


    • Kimberly Mah DVM

      Dr. Kimberly Mah has joined the Endless Mountains Veterinary family.  Dr. Mah is a Penn Vet Graduate and is currently employed as a Veterinary Clinician and Professor at the Johnson College in Dickson City, PA.  She is experienced in Veterinary Acupuncture and other various aspects of small animal care.  Dr. Kimberly Mah will be joining us in our Tunkhannock location on January 2, 2018.  We look forward to the experience that Dr. Mah brings with her and the relationships that she will build with our Tunkhannock clientele.


  • Support Staff

    • Adam Carrington- Business Manager

      Adam is our business manager.  He has been working with us since April 2013.  He brings a vast array of knowledge and a great work ethic to help us service our clients better every day.


    • Brian Trible- Inventory Manager

      Brian joined our team as inventory manager in March of 2017. Brian will be helping to ensure that we can offer the best products and prices to our clients.  He comes with a diverse background in production.  Brian enjoys spending time with his children.


    • Casey McPherson-Financial Controller

      Casey McPherson has joined Endless Mountains Veterinary Center, PC as our Financial Controller in February 2017.  He has a Associates Degree in Business Administration through Keystone College.  Casey has years of experience and knowledge in the financial field and a great work ethic.  He is married with two children and strives to be a role model for his kids.  Casey and his family, including their dog "Koko", live on a small family farm.  He also helps his family run a small business and enjoys watching them succeed.  His interests include hunting, dirt bike racing, he is a volunteer fireman, little league coach, and the Pike Township Auditor.


    • Melanie Blasz- Human Resources Director

      Melanie is our Human Resources Director.  Melanie joined our team in April 2017.  She brings with her a vast array of knowledge from working in various positions in Human Resources and management fields.  Melanie enjoys camping and other outdoor activities with her family, gardening, hiking, trail running, and photography.  She has several animals including her two loves, Meghan and Fern.


    • Connie - Marketing/ Accounts Receivable/Manager

      Connie has worked with our small animal practice since the summer of 2012. She assists with appointment scheduling, office administrative details, invoicing, and helping clients find out more about our clinic and services. She is our Accounts Receivable Manager and is a whiz at marketing.


    • Jim - farm hand

      Jim joined our team in August 2013 as our farm hand to care for our client animals, recipients for our clients and for our donors.


    • Lisa - Large Animal Receptionist

      Lisa began working as a full- time receptionist in July 2014. She communicates daily with the large animal clients to help with appointments, emergencies and general information for the clients.


    • Ruth - Assistant Large Animal Receptionist

      Ruth has worked as the secretary for Rome Veterinary Center, PC for more than 50 years. She is now the assistant secretary, and she helps with large animal calls, filing of official paperwork - and she keeps us all in line!


    • Kirstan -small animal receptionist

      Kirstan joined the Endless Mountains Veterinary family in September 2017.  She will be working with our small animal clients to help them make appointments and to learn more about our services.


    • Lois-large/small animal receptionist

      Lois joined our team as a large/small animal receptionist September of 2014.  She communicates with both large and small animal clients to help with appointments,emergencies and general information for clients.


    • Lori- small animal receptionist

      Lori has worked as a Small Animal Receptionist since September of 2014.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Business Management through Liberty University.  Lori is actively involved in helping the kids and the board of the NEB Youth Soccer Association.  In her down time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, two kids.  


    • Jessica-Technician Manager

      Jessica has worked with the Endless Mountains Veterinary Center since May of 2015.  Jessica was promoted to Technician Manager in August of 2017.  Jessica has shared her 24+ years of Veterinary Technician work with us and our clientele over the last couple years. She has also recently received her Re-certification as a Veterinary Nutritional Advocate through Hill's Pet Nutrition.  Through this certification program, Jessica is able to provide information and resources about dietary programs and solutions for pet health.  Endless Mountains Veterinary Center is a proud distributor of Hills Pet Foods and would be thrilled to work with you to build a dietary program for your pet to work on thyroid, digestive, skin, kidney and liver, weight management and many other issues.


    • Lindsey- Head small animal veterinary assistant

      Lindsey joined the Endless Mountains Veterinary Family in November 2014 when she moved back to Sullivan County with her family.  Lindsey loved riding and training horses.  She has always worked with animals and at age 18 she started working at the local animal shelter.  She worked really hard on behavior modification with pets that were not able to be adopted right away and helping find rescues for abused and terrified animals.  During her 6 years at the animal shelter she enjoyed being able to help animals and their owners.  Lindsey's 4 year-old son is very interested in her job with animals. They spend a lot of time hiking, canoeing, swimming and other outdoor activities. She has a 5 year-old Pitbull mix, 2 year-old cat, a Crested Chameleon, and a Giant Day Gecko.  Lindsey is bound to have a foster animal or two in her care until a furever home is found for them. 


    • Sara LVT- Head small animal veterinary assistant

      Sara joined the Endless Mountains Veterinary Family in August.  She grew up on a small centennial dairy farm in lower Michigan.  Graduated from Michigan State University in their Veterinary Technology Program.  She worked in the veterinary field for 24 years and has been licensed in Maine, Michigan and New York.  Sara worked for 11 years in the Michigan Department of Agriculture TB eradication program.  Teams traveled from farm to farm for routine testing of cattle, elk, deer, and bison.  The rest of the years have been spent in mixed or small animal practices.


    • Tanya- head small animal veterinary assistant

      Tanya joined the Endless Mountains Veterinary Family in October of 2015.  She has worked in the veterinary field for 10 years.  Tanya graduated from Delaware Valley College with a degree in Equine Science.  She has experience with both large and small animals as well as pocket pets and birds.


    • Tina - Small Animal Veterinary Assistant

      A veterinary assistant since 1998, she helps assist with small animal surgeries and appointments when needed.  She spends the majority of her time helping answer questions or doing odd jobs around the clinic.


    • Jaimee- small animal veterinary assistant

      Jaimee joined our team as a part-time small animal veterinary assistant in February 2017.  She has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Animal Science and Distinction in Research from Cornell University.  Jaimee is married and has four pets including a Labrador, cat, and Uromastyx lizards.  She enjoys aquariums and gardening.  She is very interested in animal nutrition and metabolic diseases of the liver.  Jaimee and her husband attend various local fundraisers and help out the local school when they are selling candy bars.


    • Keith- small animal veterinary Assistant

      Keith started working with our small animal practice in November of 2014.  Keith has worked in the veterinary field since 1986. He started out working part-time at an Animal Hospital after school and on week-ends. He soon became the technician at the same practice after he graduated High School.  Keith went on to work at the Seeing Eye in Morristown New Jersey, where he learned the detailed technical skills needed to be a successful technician in the animal medical field.  After heading up the technical staff of three Northern New Jersey Veterinary Practices, he transitioned into the Group Purchasing aspect of Veterinary Medicine and then on to Pet Healthcare Savings Programs.  With a wide array of technical, sales, customer service and marketing experience, Keith joins our team ready to expand and improve every aspect of Endless Mountains Veterinary Center, PC.  But secretly..... he just loves pets!


    • Lise-Groomer

      Lise has worked with our small animal practice since August 2017 in our Rome, Athens and Tunkhannock locations. Lisa started out as a dog groomer when she was  just 19 years-old!  It has always been a passion of Lise.  Throughout the years she has kept up with it in her spare time.  Lise is really excited to have this wonderful opportunity to groom pets full-time! Having your pets groomed has benefits for you and your pet.  Whether it is just a bath, brush out or breed style cut, grooming is an essential part of your pets life.  Grooming can help eliminate constant shedding and skin issues when kept up with and provides a more care free daily life for you and your pets!  So if you are tired of all that hair and it is out of control or you want your pet clipped and styled to fit your daily needs or special occasion, call us to set up your appointment today.  Lise looks forward to helping you with your pets needs!