Proverbs 12:10a "A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal"

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Celebrating 100 years of Service to our community!  New Grooming Services!

Lise Ludwig-Groomer

Lise has worked with our small animal practice since August 2017 in our Rome, Athens and Tunkhannock locations. Lisa started out as a dog groomer when she was  just 19 years-old!  It has always been a passion of Lise.  Throughout the years she has kept up with it in her spare time.  Lise is really excited to have this wonderful opportunity to groom pets full-time! Having your pets groomed has benefits for you and your pet.  Whether it is just a bath, brush out or breed style cut, grooming is an essential part of your pets life.  Grooming can help eliminate constant shedding and skin issues when kept up with and provides a more care free daily life for you and your pets!  So if you are tired of all that hair and it is out of control or you want your pet clipped and styled to fit your daily needs or special occasion, call us to set up your appointment today.  Lise looks forward to helping you with your pets needs!